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Palcohol is Back

Palcohol is back. After approval from out of nowhere about a year ago, and cancellation of the same approvals a few days later, it is back. I have it on good authority that TTB has ironed out the kinks and approved the labels this week. Sen. Schumer will not be pleased (aka, he may be […]

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Palcohol FAQ

Palcohol is probably the biggest story in my 25 years of working with alcohol beverage law. As much or more media interest as compared to absinthe or Four Loko, or even direct shipping. Palcohol went from zero results on Google as of April 18th to more than 2 million as of this writing (and 4 […]

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Powdered Alcohol is Not Dead

Just when we least expected it, here is another version of powdered alcohol. It got approved a couple weeks ago, after grinding through the process for a good long while (six months or more). Many thanks to an astute reader for pointing this out to us. The label raises a boatload of legal issues. Before wading […]

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Judge Miller Not Too Impressed With TTB System or Tito Approvals, Page 2

Back to page 1 tankers. Pedro adds water, bottles it, and declares it to be “Texas Made.” It is entirely plausible that this claim would be entirely false, by most measures. It is also entirely plausible that TTB would approve it, over and over. First, TTB would tend to take the assertion at face value, […]

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512 Posts

A few weeks ago, with little to no fanfare, we passed the 500 posts milestone. It has been a wild and fun ride since late 2008. This blog is now up to 512 posts as of yesterday. Google tells me Bevlog has had 555,404 visitors and 832,024 pageviews so far, with an average of 44 […]

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